Today in the city American Canyon 22.02.2018
Fly Like An Eagle Over The Grand Canyon On A New 1,000-Foot-High Zip Line

Would you throw yourself over the edge of the Grand Canyon attached to only a wire? Watch the video and decide for yourself!

Why 2018 Could Be the Year China and America Clash in the South China Sea

The US military may again conduct Freedom of Navigation Operations in the South China Sea this year as part of an ongoing strategic effort to challenge what it describes as China’s “excessive maritime...

American Airlines fourth-quarter earnings top Wall Street estimates

American Airlines Group, the largest U.S. airline, reported fourth-quarter earnings Thursday that outpaced analyst expectations.

China Consulting With US on Participation in Naval Drills

China's Defense Ministry says it is consulting with the U.S. over participating in large-scale multinational military exercises being held this summer.

Is Trump about to deport an American citizen?

When Rachelle Burkhart-Niec received a phone call from her husband, Lucasz Niec, saying that he had been detained by immigration authorities and was facing the possibility of deportation to Poland, sh...

Obsolete Jerseys A Fear No More As American Express Partners With Fanatics

Just when you thought being an American Express card member was perky enough, the financial giant comes out of left field with a new benefit. Amex, the official card fo the NBA, has partnered with Fan...

Where You Live Determines When You Die (Inequality In American Life Expectancy)

Inequality in American life expectancy is growing. Where you live should not determine how long you live.

The Trumpistas don't care about American democracy

In the debate over whether the Trump presidency poses an existential threat to American democracy, there's at least a shared assumption among all parties that the system is worth protecting ... right?...

China invites Latin America to take part in One Belt, One Road

China invited Latin American and Caribbean countries to join the "One Belt, One Road" initiative.

This Michelin chef came to the U.S. as a refugee. Now, he's living the American Dream.

James Syhabout's first cookbook is in part a memoir that shares the Laotian-American chef's personal story as well as the dishes most important to him.

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